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Why Medinform?

Why Choose Medinform

MedInform works because recovery dollars are greater when we expedite the entire billing process. Accounts do not go to collections where fees are higher and recovery is lower. In fact, a single recovery case could cover the cost for our involvement for the year.  We move bills to the top of the payment pile.

After exploring and documenting the third-party payment collection efforts, we pursue auto insurance, health insurance, and Medicare and Medicaid claims. Finally, when self-pay status is designated, we counsel patients regarding financial aid opportunities.

  • Maximize accident collections.
  • Minimize risk and cost of pursuing accident claims on your own.
  • Make our experienced staff a part of your on-site operations.
  • Recover our costs quickly. One case can recoup your annual cost.
  • Collect more than $1 million a year for a typical hospital.
  • Identify at-risk accounts early.

Questions about how MedInform can help your medical office with Accident Recovery or Itemization Solutions? Contact us today to learn more!